It is an unnatural thing for me to read without being compelled to write.  As far as genres go, I really enjoy allegory and satire.  I am currently working on several projects outside these blogs, all of which are works in progress, none of which are close to completion.  Here’s a quick rundown:

The Maimed Dove of the Symplegades (working title) – this project is tentatively set as a shorter fictional literary work which utilizes antonomasian style with allegorical undertoning.  It is meant as a purposeful response to postmodern philosophical thought.  It will hold nuances of similarity to the parables and poetry found in Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke ZarathustraStatus: In progress.

The Apartment (working title) – this project is a pilot for a family-friendly TV sitcom which follows the lives of three apartment-mates who work for a major news company.  Status: In progress.

(Full-Length Feature Film Script with no working title) – work on this project has been slow and tedious.  Several drafts have been completed, but revisions are currently still being made.  The film is allegorical in nature, and could be considered a period piece.  I may post extendedly concerning this script’s content at a later time.  Status: In progress.

From Tarsus to Antioch to Rome – the title of my more serious blog which tracks a personal commentary on Paul’s New Testament letters.  This project can be viewed at  Status: In progress.